23 August 2009

escape from a hot day in the city

We were invited to spend a day in a house high in the Rhodopi mountain. The name of the village is Manastir - allegedly the highest village on the Balkans. It is situated around 1500m above sea level, and is really really very beautiful. This was my second visit there. The first one was long ago - we were searching for a place to picnic with friends and finally ended up there.

Of course, we did not spend the day in the house. After collecting some herbs we decided to climb up the nearest hill to a very controversial Muslim monument - Enihan baba teke. They say Muslims respect Enihan baba as a preacher and healer, while most Bulgarians believe he brought Islam to Bulgaria.

Vihar - waiting for us to drive further.

Climbing up more than 600 stairs was worth it...

...to enjoy this magnificent view - a 360 degree panorama view of the Rhodopi mountains.
Incredible scenery indeed, more impressive than any monument to me.

18 August 2009

early sun and sea

Back from a short vacation at the coast. Not very typical for me, this time I was early in the morning at the beach, missed my breakfast to be there as early as possible.
Could see the white-grayish colour of the sea changing to green-blue later in the afternoon.
Enjoyed the warm water with no people around, and the presence of the local dog - my only companion at the beach.