29 January 2009

The Most Important Thing

Have been reading a lot about Zen lately. And felt the need to share what Shunryu Suzuki said, “The most important thing is to find out what is the most important thing.”
Sounds so true to me...

27 January 2009

Color Palette Generator

While I am not a designer, I need to sometimes make very basic design works for presentations, workbooks and other visual aids I use in training. I found this tool today, which I believe will save me time and help me be more consistent in choosing the right colours.
You need to just copy the URL of a picture and the "generator" generates ;) a matching colour palette.
The picture I used to test it is taken during our company team building at Thassos in September last year. Would love to visit the place again.

26 January 2009

About Worries

I have recently read somewhere that worries are linked to either the past or the future. They do not belong to the present moment. When you are fully into the moment, you don't worry. You are in the flow. Worries prevent you from being fully present. A good explanation of things, I liked it. And a good reason not to worry. Have been trying these days to practice it.

23 January 2009

Switch to English

I thought the time has come to start writing in English. The initial idea for writing this blog was for me to keep my friends - Bulgarians and non-Bulgarians living in other countries, updated about what was going on with me. It turned out that more Bulgarians in Bulgaria read it, and the non-Bulgarians were visiting now and then hoping to see some pictures.
And because I am getting worse with writing real letters to people in far-away countries (hate to admit that), I decided to switch to English.
Dear BG friends, hope you will forgive my laziness to write in both languages and will keep popping in. And in turn I promise I will do my best to make writing a routine.
Thanks for visiting!

05 January 2009

Писмо до Господ

Спомням си, че в края на 2007 публикувах снимки от годината, които свързвах с различни преживявания. Сега ми се искаше да публикувам части от хартиения си дневник. Бях си наумила да избера по един кратък откъс от всеки месец от 2008. Не намерих обаче време за това занимание - от срещи с приятели най-вече.
Но попаднах на нещо, което ме впечатли и ми се прииска да споделя - в това любовно писмо до Господ открих и някои от своите истини на 2008.

Честита Нова Година!