01 December 2011

New Year Resolution #1

I managed to break my own record for not writing here. I've just realized it's been more than four months since I've last posted here. OK, I have to admit that I am tempted to say something as dull as "Time flies". And while these four months have certainly been quite busy for me, there has always been time to stop by here, which for one reason or another I haven't done. So, here it is - my first New Year resolution:

Take care of this space. And share more of the little and big wonders I experience every day.

Now it is official and strangely enough, I feel more committed. I wonder if it is the same with marriage...

Christmas decoration arrived early in the shops in Zurich

27 July 2011

the weather that I did not report

I really love the Plovdiv Weather Report Project and I also like to contribute there! And during the last weeks I often made pictures that I intended to post later... but somehow never managed to do it within the same day they were taken. That's why I've decided to show here the pictures that didn't make it to the Plovdiv Weather Report - a backward look on the sun and the rain I've experienced in July.

A dog's bar in front of a restaurant in Zurich. It takes some climbing to reach the place, so refreshment is definitely needed in the heat...

An early wake-up, leaving for Frankfurt

Germany is preparing to watch the quarter-final Germany v Japan

A slight warm rain in Milan

Oranges instead of the typical sea views. Spotorno is a beautiful place at the Ligurian coast

On the train back to Zurich. Sea holidays are over...

BBQ in any weather

Suddenly it looks like autumn

Finally sun! For short though...

Cinema by the Zurich lake. The rain just stopped and the film will start soon...

14 June 2011

Che cantare?

This song is on the radio and it brings back memories.

For the first time I heard it on the bus travelling to the airport in Vienna. We were leaving and it was a sad good-bye, with tears falling down...

Another memory - a completely different environment. I was in a cafe in Lugano with friends laughing, having fun... and then this song again! I had to find out who was singing.
I tried to ask the waiter in English. No success.
I asked the girl if she spoke French or Spanish (I had French and Spanish speaking friends there).
I tried body language. She thought I said the music was too loud.
No, no, no...
Then she remembered Roberto working in the kitchen spoke some English, and went in looking for him. After a while she came back alone. No Roberto...
German?, I asked hopeless...
Oh, yes, another waiter knew some German.
The German speaking lady did not look very happy she had to deal with me but she was helpful. She took me to the player, took out the CD and showed it to me. Mystery solved!

As broken as this sounds, it would have been so easy if I had just remembered two simple Italian words that I know: "Che cantare?"

06 May 2011

Simple Pleasures

 ...bliss I finally found
In ordinary home-made treasures
On familiar ground
When I'm with you--the time's so precious
Hours flying past
We've got to take some long-term measures
So simple joy is here to last...

After the abundant lamb lunch (as tradition says on St. George Day) I took my notebook and went out in the garden meaning to do some work. But once I found myself sitting in the sun, I quickly changed my mind, and ended up having a short nap, listening to nice old music. Doggy obviously also found peace as I could hear his deep sighs somewhere close to my head...

15 April 2011

The Birds of Venice

I am just back from a long weekend in Venice. The city is impressive and many things have been written about it. One of the things that I will always remember, however, are the birds of Venice.
Not the pigeons (that are obviously not that many as they once used to be). As it seems I didn't even make a picture of them.

And not so much the seagulls (I expected a more numerous population - after all it's sea all around).

...but the little sparrows. They were always impatiently waiting on the side for you to finish eating.

And immediately recognized the moment to attack.

And I never saw a sparrow alone. They were flying around in gangs. And as soon as one spotted food, the rest joined quickly for the feast.

08 March 2011

sisters with henna tattoos

Another picture from my Miscellaneous folder.
The tattoos we got at Morocco club during last year's Night of Museums and galleries .

07 March 2011

Reach for the Goal!

As I try to clean the clutter in my computer I find pictures I don't even remember...

Yes, it's me! I thought it would be just a management meeting. But no, we had to climb trees, all for the TEAM! I didn't know then that later doing this would pay my bills...

27 January 2011

second attempt at skiing

Another blue slope for the records...
And after skiing jagermeister and chocolate cake... and a deserved beer for the instructor!

12 January 2011

packing again

...my clothes all over, drying... and just noticed, rose all over...

10 January 2011

my first ski vacation

Yes, that was my first attempt at skiing. It was not that bad actually. At least I enjoyed it... and the falling was not that bad either. Not too often and not too painful. And on the third day I managed to ski down a blue slope!
Staying in the queue for the lift was a bit frustrating, but the rest was quite a fun.
The evenings too. We found a karaoke place with the friendly name Friendly Bar. Needless to say, the people were very friendly and willingly let us sing our hearts out...