16 October 2009

the opposite of snob is your mother

A funny and enlightening talk about career crisis, about winners and losers, about how snobbery makes our lives much harder... Not the first speaker I hear say we, people should worship something else than ourselves. So true, at least for me. I am now discovering for myself what my Grandmother took for granted. The truths that were unquestionable to her are a real revelation now to me.

dancing on the ceiling

Can you imagine sleeping in front of the TV while VH1 play their top 50 party hits?

I was so very tired and scared of everything happening this week. Last night I needed to do something for relaxation after the long hours spent in hospital. So, I somehow discovered that the choice of TV shows is enormous. No wonder people spend so much time watching television. I found my perfect cure for the evening - VH1's countdown of top 50 party hits ever. This good old Lionel Richie song made me dance and jump in front of the TV. And then I said, "OK, and now let's take a breath." And the cat was obviously waiting for me to calm down and as long as I found myself on the sofa, he came rushing to me with his purring in my ear. The greatest nap I've recently had! I only woke up to find out that Billy Jean was No 2, and not No 1 as I was expecting.