24 August 2010

Memories of a Hot Sunday

It is getting colder these days. OK, colder means less than 30 degrees C, but still, in a very nice and subtle way autumn is sneaking in. The nights are cooler... The sun shines with a kind of yellow light, or maybe it's the brown-red leaves of the chestnut trees filtering it...

The pictures are from a family trip to Batak - a beautiful lake in the Rhodopi mountains.

11 August 2010

vacation greetings

This is a card I got from a friend spending her summer vacation at Corfu.
"Wish I could relax like the woman in the picture", writes my friend.
I guess it is difficult with two little kids.
My weekends are just like that - spending time in the garden, enjoying doing nothing after a hard week...

04 August 2010

Autumn Leaves in Summer

A hot lazy summer afternoon at home in the middle of the week... No, I'm not on holidays. Have been doing training lately, day in, day out. A deserved Wednesday afternoon break.