12 June 2012

09 June 2012

They say your life today is an expression of your thinking yesterday. So true... A few months ago I was feeling exhausted with the constant travelling and trying to live two lives in two completely different places. While it can be certainly very enriching, it takes a lot of energy- energy to adjust, energy to take care of two homes, energy to transition between "here" and "there", not knowing anymore which is "here" and which is "there". I longed for some routine, waking up in the same bed, cooking in the same kitchen, having flowers in the balcony that would not die because there was no one to water them...
Thus, six weeks after I landed with my two suitcases, five weeks after I started my new job I feel like being at home in Zurich.
We have flowers in the balcony, bikes for the sunny days, and even a TV for the Euro 2012 :)