09 May 2009

my next choice

Spent some time today watching TED talks trying to choose a new one to translate. I wanted it to be really inspiring. Otherwise, the way I know myself, I believe I would quickly get bored.

And I made my choice - this talk from Benjamin Zander. I find Ben Zander a very interesting person. He is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and is often cited in business readings as a role model for leader and teacher.

Well, I have to find a proper translation for "one-buttock" and "two-buttock playing" when it comes to that... And if you are willing to help with suggestions, please do :)

08 May 2009

a long post about anything

Wow, one post in April! Have been really lazy with writing lately. I believe it is the good weather. I just prefer to spend more time outside...
We've had six days of holidays recently. I didn't go anywhere special or do anything extraordinary, but I really enjoyed them.

Finally managed to complete my first TED translation - Sylvia Earle's TED Prize Wish to Protect Our Oceans. Now I will have a reviewer assigned. That's how it goes - it needs to be reviewed by someone else before it is launched. And I hope it will be soon available in Bulgarian at TED.com. It is worth watching it - amazing images from the deep sea, and it makes you think...
Now I wonder which other talk I should start translating - maybe some of the many talks on creativity or the human brain... Anyway, if someone wishes to volunteer and translate TED talks, please do. It takes time but I believe it is worth the effort to help spread great ideas. You just need to write to subtitles@ted.com

What else? Had a new interesting book to read - one that was waiting for its turn in the library in our office. Everyone Agrees With TOM - a book on life coaching - simple, amusing, not pretending to tell you big truths. Looks promising but I am not much ahead with it yet. So, I can't tell you if I agree with TOM yet...

And I also spent most of the time walking in the parks and hills in the town - alone, with friends or with the dog, or with friends and the dog... The phone pictures are here to prove it. Yesterday I struggled a lot to transfer them to my computer. I really love it when someone else does the technical stuff for me :)

My parents are away, so now I take care of the dog for a while. To compensate for my absence during the day I play football with him each morning. I truly believe this should be a happy start of the day for him, but he is soooo sleepy and doesn't seem as excited as I expect him to be. Maybe I should give him a break, at least during the weekend.