27 January 2011

second attempt at skiing

Another blue slope for the records...
And after skiing jagermeister and chocolate cake... and a deserved beer for the instructor!

12 January 2011

packing again

...my clothes all over, drying... and just noticed, rose all over...

10 January 2011

my first ski vacation

Yes, that was my first attempt at skiing. It was not that bad actually. At least I enjoyed it... and the falling was not that bad either. Not too often and not too painful. And on the third day I managed to ski down a blue slope!
Staying in the queue for the lift was a bit frustrating, but the rest was quite a fun.
The evenings too. We found a karaoke place with the friendly name Friendly Bar. Needless to say, the people were very friendly and willingly let us sing our hearts out...