27 February 2014

Yesterday morning was that beautiful!

23 February 2014

Past explorations

logged in with the intention to write about a completely different topic and then I read my last post. And I recognized I haven't shared any of the further city explorations we've made.
So, let's start with biking!

There is a biking route around the airport, which is incredibly entertaining. I loved it so much that I was always tempted to do that one again instead of trying out new routes. Well, actually I always went for the new ones but I haven't given up on the idea to make another round around the airport.

So, what is so special about it?

First the obvious - you get to admire the view of airplanes taking off and landing.
Part of the route includes a military tank road - nicely broad and welcoming.
And then big part of the road runs amidst a natural park where you get to hear and see all kinds of amazing birds!