09 September 2016

Grateful for the summer

We've had such rainy and cold months during the period that people usually call spring and summer. With a few exceptions it felt mostly like an endless rainy November. And now suddenly we've been rewarded with the most incredible end of summer weather. We've had a row of uninterrupted sunny days. I've never been so often to the beach here. Actually I don't remember ever being to the beach here before. Honestly, I can't help but feeling grateful every morning when I wake up and see the sun coming up.

26 August 2016

Present for a friend

I love wrapping presents. In the past I was even thinking of opening a shop for packaging presents. But somehow I was not thrilled of the prospect of turning this into my profession. Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing anything too fancy or complicated. But somehow this is my zen moment - focusing on the process and thinking of nothing else :) It is a bit like with baking. I almost feel embarrassed to say I like baking - and by that I mean really just normal everyday baking, and not the fancy sugar-paste cakes you see everywhere on social media.
And lately I like experimenting with washi tape. It is simple, fast and I can do it even with Daniel. He loved helping me wrapping the present for his father's birthday.
And this one is for a dear friend who is leaving her job. It is a book that was recommended by someone (don't even remember by whom). But should obviously be a read to remember. David Whyte's Crossing the Unknown Sea.

26 July 2016

Coming back

If I say I'd been missing this place all the time, I'd be lying. Life's been too busy. But I did miss it often. And lately I do miss it a lot. So, here I am back online. More than two years later.
Two busy years... I got married, we moved, had a baby - in the meantime two-year old toddler... I'm changing jobs...
I can't help but see the way my life has changed. I have no idea which movies are now on but I know that Peppa Pig is on Netflix... I sometimes read books on topics other than parenting... I buy mostly cooking books and children books... We go out with friends with kids, especially those with kids who can play with our kid. We plan the day around afternoon naps... I am working less in the office and more at home... I try to speak correctly and with no accent as my toddler is ruthlessly repeating every word I say the wrong way. I've had sleepless nights, happy tears, moments of guilt, pride... f*ck it moments...
And then at one point life started going back to normal. I can have a shower and comb my hair every day again... It's getting possible to carve out time for what I like doing... I enjoy talking to people about topics other than babies...
And I'll try to be more often around. Hi, I'm back :)