17 December 2012

Christmas from the past

The other day I went out looking for some balls for the Christmas tree. Even though we decorated it mostly with things made by us, we wanted to put also a bit of the classical stuff on it. And to my greatest surprise I've found out that you can get from that type of decoration I remember from my childhood - the little mushrooms and balloons, and faces that I believe long disappeared in Bulgaria.
And they are obviously used - here on the tree in one of our offices.

12 December 2012

party on the table

In my last Hungarian lesson I learned how to say on the table and at the table. It is so much easier in Bulgarian - the same expression for both situations. And while speaking Bulgarian you cannot make the silly (and to other people funny) mistake to put someone on the table while they are sitting at the table. So practical!
Those guys, however, were clearly having a party on the table.
At a Christmas market in Zurich.