17 September 2009

questions, questions

I read recently a post in a blog, which posed the question, "Do you need to stay updated all the time? Do you need to get the latest news, follow tweeter, etc.?" Well, after reading those first lines I decided to leave it because I am not really one of those information junkies. Yes, I need to know what is going on, and I have a few favourite info sites and blogs I check almost daily. But that's it. So, I said, nothing for me.
And then my eyes stopped on the next question, "How does this make you happy?"
Huh, OK. I stayed like that for a moment and thought over it. A good question to apply to anything I do during the day, isn't it?
How does this make me happy?
In what way does it help me to create?
Does it make me a better person?

I believe I should be looking for the right answers more often...


Sve said...

You know I was asking that same question to myself a while ago. I am all the time willing to know what is happening - on twitter and on facebook. And...I just realized this does not really make me happy. Then, I was quite busy, doing some really meaningful stuff, staying less online. And made a promise to myself that I will not try to "know what is happening everywhere" :) See you on Hand Made day 8, right?

Iva said...

Hope so :)))