09 June 2010

la femme d'argent

Yesterday I was going back home from work, approaching our house, walking slowly, waiting for my doggy find a nice place to shit. I don't know what is so special about this ritual. However, he usually takes his time and needless to say, eventually chooses the most inappropriate place. So, I was rummaging through my bag looking for a plastic bag, when I suddenly heard this song coming from somewhere far. It was such a mysterious sensation! Did I really hear the song? Where was it coming from?

I used to love Air's Moon Safari and listened to it maybe twenty times in a row. For days, and weeks. Ten years ago, this is to say... And now this song was in the air floating around. You could hear that the sound was great, even from afar.

Is it possible that I have a neighbour listening to Air? No, I don't think so. (Yes, I have my preconceived ideas.) Maybe the white car waiting at the crossroad? No, it made an U-turn, but the sound stayed... I loved this moment and I needed someone to be grateful to for it. (OK, someone more specific than the Dear God.) As I came closer I finally got it - the fancy bar across the street. This time they definitely surprised me with their choice of music.

Guys, even though I don't like it that you play your music too loud on Fridays and Saturdays, and in fact I rarely like what you play, I now love you for La femme d'argent and this rare moment of beauty you have given me. Thank you!