15 April 2011

The Birds of Venice

I am just back from a long weekend in Venice. The city is impressive and many things have been written about it. One of the things that I will always remember, however, are the birds of Venice.
Not the pigeons (that are obviously not that many as they once used to be). As it seems I didn't even make a picture of them.

And not so much the seagulls (I expected a more numerous population - after all it's sea all around).

...but the little sparrows. They were always impatiently waiting on the side for you to finish eating.

And immediately recognized the moment to attack.

And I never saw a sparrow alone. They were flying around in gangs. And as soon as one spotted food, the rest joined quickly for the feast.


denitsa said...

:D they are not that daring here in Bulagaria...

therewereswallows said...


mythopolis said...

As with the concept of Everyman, the sparrow seems to be Everybird. Here, in the Spring, there is a variety that migrate in from further south. They have red heads. People call them Mexican sparrows.