14 June 2011

Che cantare?

This song is on the radio and it brings back memories.

For the first time I heard it on the bus travelling to the airport in Vienna. We were leaving and it was a sad good-bye, with tears falling down...

Another memory - a completely different environment. I was in a cafe in Lugano with friends laughing, having fun... and then this song again! I had to find out who was singing.
I tried to ask the waiter in English. No success.
I asked the girl if she spoke French or Spanish (I had French and Spanish speaking friends there).
I tried body language. She thought I said the music was too loud.
No, no, no...
Then she remembered Roberto working in the kitchen spoke some English, and went in looking for him. After a while she came back alone. No Roberto...
German?, I asked hopeless...
Oh, yes, another waiter knew some German.
The German speaking lady did not look very happy she had to deal with me but she was helpful. She took me to the player, took out the CD and showed it to me. Mystery solved!

As broken as this sounds, it would have been so easy if I had just remembered two simple Italian words that I know: "Che cantare?"