17 May 2013

reading & walking

I am making some progress on the city exploration plans. Still more theoretical as the rainy weather is not the best for biking or hiking. However, I started noticing places.
This is the monument of Pestalozzi, very central in Zurich. I never really took notice of it before. Probably because this is also the place where there is always someone collecting money for charity.
Pestalozzi was an interesting person, they still call him "The father of modern education". He was very much influenced by Jean Jaques Rousseau and even called his son Jean Jaques. Pestalozzi's methods however completely failed on his son: little Jaqueli did not show any great talents in learning. And in general it appeared that Pestalozzi was much more successful in building the theory behind education than in teaching himself.
No doubt a great man.


Elena Kalpakchieva said...

I think I remember this palce, wasn't there an old green water pump or something like that, a gift from France, near this garden? and the McDonalds on the left?

Elena Kalpakchieva said...

But I new nothing of the person anyway...thanks :)

Iva said...

Leni, you know more than me :-) Yes, McDonald's is there close. I didn't know about the French gift ;)