30 March 2009

my latest movie discoveries

Better late than never, they say. Well, I guess it is true, at least it applies to me finally getting acquainted with Jim Jarmusch. I don't know why I had never seen a film by this director before, not until recently. And now I am happy I finally did it. I managed to see Dead Man, Night On Earth, and Down by Law.
Dead Man ranked top in my personal ranking of movies with the most impressive and convincing atmosphere, including great music (sorry, Paris, Texas).
And I loved all the short stories in Night On Earth. I only felt it was a bit unfair to have a Scandinavian one at the end - somewhat depressing for a final (OK, I admit this is a prejudice but that's how I felt about the Finnish story).
Down by Law was definitely a good film, which I unfortunately saw in a time when I was feeling tired and sleepy and I did not really enjoy the slow pace of the film so much.

Friends recommended also Coffee and Cigarettes. Any other recommendations are more than welcome...


yanitsaaa said...

всички най най харесват кофето и цигарите! На мен най най ми се нрави mystery train, пълен е с откачалки ::)

ivata said...

значи и него си го слагам в списъка ;)

вел said...

не съм гледала лош филм на jim jarmusch :)
днес си спретнах кино маратон - mistery train, down by law и stranger than paradise.
мисля, че ми остава само permanent vacation, преди да кажа, че съм го изгледала всичкия. жалко :)

ivata said...

вел, и ти ме вдъхнови за още филми :)