05 April 2009

Merry Christmas, Springtime!

I spent the last few days in Bansko for a training. As weird as it may seem the whole Christmas decoration was there in the hotel - in the lobby, in the restaurant, everywhere. I wanted to ask the receptionist if there was a special reason for that but then I somehow got embarrassed. In fact, I thought she might get embarrassed by this question...

OK, maybe the hotel people tried to disguise spring but you could feel it was there. It was sunny, and warm, and getting greener with every day...

On our way back to Plovdiv, as we approached the valley I asked the guy that was driving to stop somewhere close to a beautiful blossoming tree, so I could hang my martenitsas. We saw a swallow and two storks along the road, so I could finally do it. Great!
I don't know why from all the trees the driver chose the one that was right after a curve. I imagined the driver of the other car passing by saying to himself while watching me hang my martenitsas - each one on a separate twig, "Poor guy - risking his life because of this stupid cow."

On this picture I can clearly see the martenitsa I got from Aunt Paunka and the one from Michaela.

No matter what people in Bansko think, "Good bye, Christmas! Hello, Springtime!!!"