08 April 2010

How Did You Spend Easter Holidays?

Easter holidays are over and I am back at work trying to steal some time for walking outside. People I meet these days ask how I have spent the holidays. How?

Well, I painted the eggs. I was quite enthused over the lace technique, believing I would get the most beautiful eggs ever. Haha. It didn't work. So, I went back to the old easy tried out ways of painting the eggs.

And then we baked the traditional Easter cookies. OK, in the form of sea creatures this time.

They always seem such a large quantity, and always finish so quickly.

The absolute winners this year were the Easter lambs I saw in a Swiss cooking site, which I can't find right now. However, I still keep the recipe at home. Well, we modified it somehow. We were not supposed to put nuts in the "wool". Why not? Wool and nuts go so well together...

And yesterday's nice walk with the dog. Isn't it worth enduring the winter to enjoy the beauty of spring?