15 April 2010

Thoughts on Books and Marriage

Did I say that Committed arrived at my hands now? Thanks to Tania, a friend who recently got married and she certainly read it for other reasons than me. My interest in marriage is still rather theoretical, so I read the book from a distance, so to say, and can't really relate to the need of the author to know everything about marriage before committing. But anyway, the book is an enjoyable reading, just as I had expected. Full of curious facts about marriage rituals around the world.
Do you know, for example, that when people in Laos get married they invite everyone they know to the wedding party - often up to 1000 people. Everyone gives money to the young couple and then the two newly married spend the night writing carefully in a notebook the amount of money they got from each of the guests. This notebook is a useful reference when in return the couple gets invited to another wedding. Then they give as a present the same amount they got plus some extra money as interest. So, this is a kind of a loan that society lends to the bride and the groom, which they bit by bit return.
Nice, isn't it?